Guaranteed to Outperform

It’s the benchmark against which we measure ourselves and our products.

More than just words on paper, “Guaranteed to Outperform” is a philosophy that defines everything we do and drives our business forward.  Everyday, we push ourselves to serve our customers, our distributors, our suppliers and our co-workers better than we did the day before; better than the competition does.

But nowhere is it more evident than in our products. At NORDOCK®, we:

  • use only the best quality materials and components; 
  • design and build our equipment and accessories to be the strongest equipment available, exceeding all competitive product specifications;
  • design and manufacturer all our products to require less regular service, adjustment or replacement than our competition; and 
  • outperform by backing all our products with unequalled structural and performance guarantees. 

What does it mean to our customers? It means that when they choose NORDOCK®, they choose equipment that delivers the lowest Lifetime Cost of Ownership and a company that is 100% committed to total customer satisfaction for the lifetime of the product.

Guaranteed to Outperform